REGULATING IN THE Cloud Digital (Cambodia)

I. Responsibilities of the member in registration:
  • CDC is concerned about the safety and privacy of BongYak users.
  • However, this service is designed to attract a large number of users. Under the COPPA international agreement, CDC needs to ensure that members of the BongYak are 18 years old before using the CDC service. So, if the user is a child, please consult with your parent or legal guardian to see if the service and / or content is appropriate for you.
  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, CDC may permit users to use certain portions of the service that they do not need to register for. In that case, the identity of the user will be based on other means of identification that CDC considers appropriate.
  • General provisions for all members:
    • 1. Take full responsibility before all the information put on BongYak
    • 2. Respect other members of CDC’s entertainment services.
    • 3. It is forbidden to collect, store and disseminate information, illegal or harmful products on BongYak
    • 4. It is prohibited to destroy the BongYak in any form.
    • 5. Abusive behavior, insults, slander of other members, will be able to lock the account immediately.
    • 6. Provide the most up-to-date, complete, accurate and up-to-date information about yourself as described in the service registration form (this is referred to as the “Registration Data”).
    • 7. Maintain and timely update the Registration Data to ensure that this data is current, complete, accurate, and accurate. If a member provides any information that is not current, incomplete, untrue or inaccurate, or if we have reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is not We reserve the right to suspend or lock your account and refuse any and all use of BongYak’s services at the present or subsequent time. This shall not be liable to you.
    • 8. When registering as a user, the user is required to Read and Agree to all Terms of Service.
    • 9. Terms of Use the BongYak Service may be updated, amended at any time without prior notice. Latest content is always posted at http://www.clouddigital.net/policy.html.
  • A. Regulations on account naming:
    • 1. Account names should not be named after the names of the leaders of the Party and State, the names of the bad guys (known as terrorists, fascists, criminals, etc.). Each member only uses a single account, if the board detects a member using multiple nicknames for different purposes, then all the nick will be permanently locked. The virtual nickname if the violation, maybe IP, the related application of that member will be locked.
    • 2. Not to be nickname meaning unhealthy, not clear, can cause misunderstanding.
    • 3. Account creation, each account represents an individual, the account will not be corrected, deleted, in case of not using the account anymore, BQT will move to the “unused” group help members.
  • B. Regulations on the contents of the message:
    • 1. Not to misrepresent information, destroy the history, culture, national traditions, beliefs, religions, matters related to politics and national security.
    • 2. Do not use vulgar words, offend, slander other members.
    • 3. Links must not be directed to pornographic, unhealthy or illegal websites.
    • 4. Do not link malicious nature such as click will cause damage, causing crashes, virus penetration, etc.
  • C. Content posted on BongYak chat room must:
    • 1. Do not use messages that are offensive, incite, criticize, slander, use bad words, even speak to drive down other members to circumvent the law, these articles will be prompted or deleted. depending on the content.
    • 2. Absolutely not send articles with contents related to politics, religion, articles with contents violating the laws of the Kingdom of Cambodia, violate the fine traditions of Khmer people, the articles have internal unhealthy, reactionary. The content of the violation will be removed without prior notice. Accounts that submit infringing content will receive a warning, reminder, or permanent block.
    • 3. Information such as personal phone number and address cannot be provided without the consent of the owner.
    • 4. The provision of information on BongYak is subject to the provisions of the law on the provision of information on the Social Network.
    • 5. Information content must not harm the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Cambodia; Not to incite people to oppose the State, sabotage the great unity bloc.
    • 6. Not to incite violence, to propagate aggressive war, to cause hatred among peoples and peoples of nations, to incite lust, to debauch, to crimes.
    • 7. Must not disclose State secrets, military secrets, economic security, foreign affairs and secrets prescribed by law.
  • D. Post photos to the community:
    • 1. If it is a private photo taken offline, then the consent of the person taken. A litigation will be initiated, the images will first be deleted, and the photographer will be reminded, warned or limited to a specific level.
    • 2. Collected images must be clearly marked.
  • E. Personal Profile:
    • 1. The information in the record must be absolutely accurate.
    • 2. Phone numbers are checked in the records if incorrect or false, or impersonating someone else’s phone number, the account will be appropriately restricted.
II. User account, password and security:
  • 1. Members will be solely responsible for the confidentiality of their passwords and their names and will be solely responsible for all content under your username, including content, files, music, movie, photo, link etc.
  • 2. At the same time, the member also agrees to immediately notify BongYak’s management if any unauthorized access to his or her account or any security breach is made, and that User must log out after login. the other person’s account, the account will be appropriately limited.
  • 3. Users agree that they will not convert, purchase, sell their BongYak account (including comments, feedback) to third parties without the consent of Yak.
  • 4. BongYak cannot and will not be responsible for any damages from the User’s carelessness.
III. Behavior of members:
  • Members understand that all content under their name, including content, ideas, files, music, movies, pictures, links, etc., whether published or personal, is the sole responsibility of the account holder.
  • Then, in addition to posting the content is allowed, BongYak will not guarantee the accuracy, honesty, quality of content.
  • Recognizing that Internet Services are global, users agree to comply with all applicable BongYak laws, statutes, regulations, and codes.
  • Special warning for global use:
    • A. Users are not allowed to use the BongYak to:
      • 1. Upload, post, email or otherwise make available or transmit any Content that is considered to be unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, harmful, libelous, vulgar, profane obscene, defamatory, invasive of another’s privacy, subversive, hateful, or racist, ethnic or offensive or against the public interest, public order or the public Globally in all relevant jurisdictions.
      • 2. Impersonate, or make false or misleading statements about your affiliation with any individual or entity, including, but not limited to, any officer, team leader or network administrator.
      • 3. Upload, post, email or otherwise make available or transmit any Content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights.
      • 4. Interferes with or disrupts the BongYak or another person’s use of BongYak or its servers or networks, or fails to comply with the requirements, procedures, policies or regulations of the network is connected to BongYak.
      • 5. Users are not allowed to use the BongYak for illegal purposes. International users should agree that they will comply with laws and regulations, including online behavior and other content.
      • 6. Users are not allowed to send unsolicited information to members in BongYak (also known as ‘Spam’).
      • 7. Users can not post viruses, worms, spyware or other cracking software, harmful code to BongYak or send to other members.
      • 8. Users may not, while using BongYak, violate the laws of their jurisdiction (including but not limited to copyright laws).
      • 9. sers do not have the right to store or collect personal information of others whose content has been banned as above.
      • 10. Provides information intended to deceive, possess property, cause confusion, damage to other BongYak members.
    • B. User agrees to the following terms when making link sharing:.
      • 1. Not to publicize the contents of the law violation of the Kingdom of Cambodia.
      • 2. It is strictly forbidden to post, post links, information, images that are pornographic or sexual in violation of the laws of Cambodia as well as ethical standards and traditional culture of the Cambodia nation.
IV. Except:
  • The user agrees to indemnify and hold BongYak not responsible for any claims, including reasonable legal fees, of any third party arising out of or in connection with the Content. post, transmit, transmit or otherwise make available through this website, arising out of the use of the Site by a member, affiliation to the Website, violation of the TOS, breach of any of the rights of any person Other, or the member’s violation of applicable law.
V. Do not resell the service:
  • Users agree not to reproduce, copy, sell, resell or exploit for commercial purposes, any portion of the BongYak, use of BongYak, or access to BongYak.
VI. Amendment and termination of provision of services:
  • BongYak reserves the right, at any time and from time to time, to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the website (or any part thereof), whether or not it has been notified, for any reason. whether universally applicable to or restricted to a particular audience. Users agree that BongYak has no obligation whatsoever in respect of any user or any third party to modify, suspend or discontinue the BongYak service.
VII. Disclaimer:
  • Users knowing and agreeing to the BongYak do not warrant that:
    • 1. Users are at risk of using BongYak. BongYak is provided on the “status quo” and “on demand basis”: BongYak explicitly denied all cases in any form, whether express or implied, including but not limited to: Limitation of warranties on implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement (except as warranted by the exclusion of such warranties). fit).
    • 2. BongYak will meet all your requirements.
    • 3. BongYak will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free.
    • 4. BongYak will be accessible at any time or from time to time via a channel of your choice or use.
    • 5. Content, content or advertisements (content) contained in the Service, provided through the BongYak, or connected, downloaded or accessed from or through the Service, or which may be obtained from the use of the service, will be accurate or reliable.
    • 6. Confidentiality or use of any materials will be at the user’s risk and the user is at all risk. CDC reserves the right, at CDC’s sole discretion, to assume no obligation to, refine or correct any errors or omissions in any portion of the service or documentation. The materials are provided by CDC under the “as is” and CDC disclaims any warranty, express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. the sale of the goods and the suitability for a particular purpose related to any material or product.
    • 7. Any portion of the material downloaded or obtained through the use of the service is at the discretion of the user, at his own risk and the user is solely responsible for the damages to his or her computer., mobile phones or other access devices, or loss of data due to downloading of the material.
VIII. Disclaimer:
  • You understand and agree that Yak will not be liable for direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, including but not limited to, damages for profit, reputation, use, data or other intangible damages (as soon as Yak has been advised of the possibility of such damages), arising from:
    • 1. Services, materials and products.
    • 2. Usability or inability of the BongYak.
    • 3. Unauthorized access or modification of data or information transmitted by users.
    • 4. Confirm or act on any third party on BongYak’s social network.
    • 5. Any product or website is rejected or messages are sent or received using the Website.
IX. Notification:
  • CDC can send messages to users via email, SMS or regular mail.
  • The BongYak Service may also provide notices of changes to the TOS or other issues by displaying notices or links to notices to users. on the Yak Service.
  • Users agree that notices by email, sms or ordinary mail, and displaying notices and links to notices to them on the Website shall be deemed to be sufficient notice of the subject matter. included in the notice.
X. Link and other websites:
  • BongYak may have links to pages on other websites, and these websites may offer items, services or other sources of information.
  • Because BongYak has no control over other sites as well as other sources of information, the user has been warned and agreed that BongYak is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by third parties. This.
  • BongYak does not have a link to the authors, sponsors, products, services, information of these sites and is not responsible for their content.
  • BongYak does not own, edit or monitor these pages directly or indirectly, for any damages caused by content, goods or services on those websites or sources of information.
XI. Intellectual property rights:
  • 1. BongYak is not responsible for the content of the site, blog or forum members.
  • 2. We respect the intellectual property of others, and BongYak recommends those who use BongYak’s services to have such respect. If a user believes that their intellectual property rights (such as copyright or trademark rights) have been violated, please notify BongYak in accordance with applicable law.
XII.BongYak’s Rights:
  • Users agree that the BongYak has the following rights:
    • 1. BongYak reserves the right not to provide services to any person for any reason.
    • 2. BongYak reserves the right to delete / lock the account, content, images, files, infringing links or take actions against any downloads for any reason and at any time.
    • 3. CDC has the right to initiate a lawsuit, asking government agencies to help if it finds out that the user has “seriously” violated the terms stated above. Then the user will bear all the costs, damages, compensation for BongYak.
XIII. If the user does not perform properly:
  • Users agree that the BongYak has the following rights:
    • 1. Infringing or not following the above conditions will result in BongYak deleting and locking account.
    • 2. If a user posts or sends unauthorized content to BongYak or intentionally damages BongYak. BongYak can use all methods and information to prevent the continuation of these behaviors. This may include informing other entities such as family, work company, school, email provider, telephone number or security agency about the violations.
    • 3. BongYak has the right to initiate a lawsuit, asking government agencies for help if it finds out that the user has “seriously” violated the terms mentioned above. The user will then bear all the costs, damages, compensation for BongYak.
XIV. Validity and application:
  • Once a user has joined the BongYak, it means that the user fully agrees to the terms of use set forth by BongYak.